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Environmentally Friendly Charcoal
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Organic by Choice, Sustainable by Nature...
Sol Farms Limited
Sol Farms Limited
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We select the highest density Cohune Nuts to produce Environmentally Friendly, Carbon Negative
Green Charcoal.  Due to harvesting only the nut of the Rainforest Trees, the trees continue to live,
absorb Carbon Dioxide, and produce more nuts for the conversion into Charcoal.  The nut is
thermally processed at our facility to produce a quality of charcoal that is far superior to pressed
charcoal briquettes.  The tropical flavors provided from the high density charcoal will enhance the
beach barbecue taste of any grilled selections.  
Available Packaging:

5lb Recycled Paper Bag
10lb Recycled Paper Bag
25lb Bag
50lb Bag
1MT Bulk Bag
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